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2013 ~ 2014 Class Biographies

Charles Aragon JrSusan BielsteinSkye Marie Coleman-WeiszSkye Coleman-WeiszRandy DacamaraLorre Hoffman
Alexandra NewmanScott Preston SeilerTeresa TaylorJohn Tompkins

Charles Aragon Jr

Hometown: Grew up in Crowheart, WY and now hometown is Kinnear, WY  

Education / Job History: Riverton Memorial Hospital, Patient Advocate; Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health, Interim Tribal Health Director, Eastern Shoshone Diabetes Coordinator, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, Environmental Technician, Fitness Monitor  

Accomplishments: Assisting patients with their current health conditions to improve their quality of life. Building collaboration with Hospitals, Indian Heath Services, and Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health programs to improve health services for the community. Built up a strong Diabetes Program team who helped several people control or prevent diabetes. Presented our Diabetes Program, our events, and our accomplishments to several states throughout the nation. Having the honor in assisting the Tribe by helping selected tribal members who marched in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C.  

Community Involvement: I am helping people who are homeless in our community through engagement in their environment, talking circles, connecting to resources, and advocating.  

Family: I have one daughter who is a senior at Riverton High School.  

Profession: While being enrolled in the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, I am currently heading up the Fremont County Solutions Committee. This is a new committee formed out of different programs throughout the country who feel there is a need to collaborate services for those who have addictions to alcohol/drugs.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: My goals for LFC are to build more of a network with other programs and to educate our community on culture regarding local tribal beliefs.  
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Susan Bielstein

Hometown: Born in Winner, SD. Raised in Rapid City, SD  

Education / Job History: BS in Interdisciplinary Sciences: Emphasis on Social Sciences  

Accomplishments: Purchase of our house, our beautiful family, and a college degree  

Community Involvement: Circles Wyoming – This is an anti-poverty initiative designed to make connections with people in poverty.  

Family: Nickolas – my husband; Samantha – my oldest daughter; Anneke – my 2nd grader; and Cassandra – my youngest; Loulou and Rosie – our sheep; Daisey and Namors – our cats; Sophie and Fritz – our schnauzers; our chickens; Pedro the Peacock; and Roger the rooster  

Activities / Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, reading, hiking, camping, canning, playing Barbies with my daughters.  

What brought you to Fremont County: My husband’s job – Strathmore Minerals. We had a choice between Cincinnatti, Ohio or Riverton.

Profession: Mother, wife, Workforce Specialist with the Dept. of Workforce Services  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: I was told it is an awesome experience. I work and associate with people from various demographics. I love people and I look forward to getting to know more of them.  
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Skye Marie Coleman-Weisz

Hometown: Auburn, WY  

Education / Job History: CWC 2005 graduate w/Assiciate Degree in Business, banker (Teller, New Accounts, Loan Processor), Real Estate (present)  

Community Involvement: I’m very involved with our church  

Family: Married for 6 years and have 2 beautiful daughters.  

Activities / Hobbies: Crafts, being outdoors, organizing & history  

What brought you to Fremont County: I chose CWC for college becausethey offered me a full ride scholarship. I met my best friend & husband here so I’m glad I made the choice to come here.

Profession: Banking & Real Estate  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: For the past 4.5 years I have been a stay at home mom (which I dearly loved) so I’m excited to go out and learn some more about our county & meet new friends!  

Something unique about yourself: I married someone with the same name 
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Skye Coleman-Weisz

Hometown: Riverton, WY  

Education / Job History: Was the youngest ever licensed realtor in WY. I took 2 weeks out of high school & went & got licensed.  

Accomplishments: #1 agent in Fremont County 2009, 2012, 2013. RYLA Senior Counselor 2010, 2011, 2012  

Community Involvement: Chamber Board President 2012, Rotary Club President elect 2012, Vocational Service Chair 2011 & 2012  

Family: 2 daughters – 4 years old & 11 months.  

Activities / Hobbies: Hiking, Soccer, Computer Games, Reading, Frisbee Golf  

What brought you to Fremont County: Born & Raised

Profession: Realtor – Owner of Re/Max AllStar, Realtors.  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: Keely & Dennis  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: Expecting the class to be informative.  
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Randy Dacamara

Hometown: Sevierville, TN  

Education / Job History: A.S. degree in Natural Health/'88-'71 USMC, '92-2001 PepsiCo, '02-'05 Clinical Massage Therapist Gottche Rehab, '05-'07 Director at Showboat Assisted Living, '07-'09 Maintenance Tech at RMH, '09-Present Director of Environmental Services LRH & RMH  

Accomplishments: Implemented Safety Council at Admiral Beverages 1995, Started the State's first Hospital Adjunctive Therapies Program at Gottche Rehab in 2002  

Community Involvement: Big Brothers '92-2000, American Legion Post #44 '92-Present  

Family: Son-21 Brandon, Daughter-16 Alexandra  

Activities / Hobbies: Photography, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rock Hound  

What brought you to Fremont County: Love  

Profession: Director of Environmental Services LRH & RMH  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: To find out more about the county I live in and its governments  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: Have enough information to be a good ambassador for Fremont county, Connect with other business leaders  

Something unique about yourself: Disabled Marine
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Lorre Hoffman

Hometown: Jackson Hole, Wyoming  

Education / Job History: Bachelor of Arts from Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana; Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Architecture  

Accomplishments: Exhibited art internationally, nationally and locally; works shown in several of the Wyoming Governor’s Art Exhibits; received visual arts fellowships from the Wyoming Arts Council; Director of Wind River Institute, the Education and Arts Service of the Wind River Development Fund, Fort Washakie; Registrar and Art Instructor at the Wind River Tribal College, Ethete; Founded the Lander Art Center and was the Director for Four years; Head of the Sculpture Program, University of Colorado - Denver for ten years.  

Community Involvement: Active in the Summer Youth Program on the Wind River Indian Reservation; Member of the Art Committee for the Wind River Hotel - Arapaho Experience Exhibit space; Have served on the Lander Chamber of Commerce.  

Family: Husband is Scott Greenig, AKA Cooking Crow Catering; Son, Ben Greenig is attending Central Wyoming College  

Activities / Hobbies: Walking and hiking are my main source of exercise and I can do this with my dogs; I continue to make art even though I have slowed down on exhibiting my art much, at this time I am working on a body of work for a one person show in Nebraska.  

What brought you to Fremont County: We moved from Denver to Lander in 2000. The two reasons for moving to Lander were that we wanted to raise our son in a small town where we did not have to constantly worry about his safety and we wanted to be closer to my family in Jackson Hole.

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: I love learning and working with others to create a better community and to create opportunities for education for others.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: Learn more about the opportunities there are in Fremont County for the students we are educating at Wind River Institute in our two Baccalaureate programs and our Maker Space.  

Something unique about yourself: I am a connector in my work with people at work and professionally and it is the act of connecting ideas to make statements that I work with in my art as well.
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Alexandra Newman

Hometown: Lander, WY  

Education / Job History: B.S. in Communication; minor in Marketing; Mkt. intern Wyoming Athletics 2010-2011; Project Coordinator @ Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce 2011-2013  

Family: Single  

Activities / Hobbies: Photography, hiking, disc golf, cooking  

What brought you to Fremont County: Born & raised in Lander; found my way back after living, working & attending college in Laramie, WY

Profession: Marketing/Communication Specialist for Wyoming, Inc.  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: To learn more about Fremont Co. and expand my personal and professional network.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: Networking with local business people as well as embracing more of my home county.  
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Scott Preston Seiler

Hometown: Lander, Wyoming. Born: Breckenridge, MN  

Education / Job History: Lander Valley High School, Central Wyoming College, UNLVInternational Gaming Institute / Safeway - Cashier, entrepreneur - self-employed, Wind River Hotel & Casino, 789 Smoke Shop & Casino, and Little Wind Casino as Customer Service Manager.  

Accomplishments: Furthered education in career field with the international gaming institute. Participated in the Legislative Reception for the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Crucial Conversations training course. Change anything training course. Improved Casino promotions. Becoming dept. manager at the age of 21.  

Community Involvement: Slots for tot's fundraiser, Youth celebration, Organize charity ride the winds poker run, and participate in as many charity events as possible.  

Family: Father: Doug Seiler, Mother: Nancy Seiler, Brother: Dan Seiler  

Activities / Hobbies: Bowling league, softball, golf tournaments, walleye fishing, bird and deer hunting, / Collect model cars.  

What brought you to Fremont County: Parents started in education for Wyoming Indian Elementary/Middle Schools in 1993. Grew up in Lander and moved to Riverton in October of 2012. Community and mountains grow on you here, and I never had the desire to leave.

Profession: Customer Service Manager in charge of promotions, customer loyalty, and excellent service for a growing leader in entertainment.  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: To expand my knowledge of what our great county has to offer that I have not recognized in the 20 years of living here. I also feel this course can help utilize my skills and talents to the best potential. In our community's best interest, this class can help for the better. Getting involved and being aware of our surroundings will not only improve our economy, but better the lives of people around us.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: Goals in LFC and personally will consist of three things. 1) Taking what I learn and share it with the community. 2) Getting involved with different programs throughout the county and volunteer. 3) Expanding my horizons, experience, and knowledge in a leadership role for my employer and staff.  

Something unique about yourself: I really enjoy reading, testing, cleaning, working on, and especially driving vehicles (new or old). There is something about it that always puts a grin on my face.
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Teresa Taylor

Hometown: Born in Harrisonville, MO., Raised in Custer, SD and Shoshoni, WY  

Education / Job History: Graduated from Shoshoni High School, Jets Tech, and some CWC classes/Worked as a waitress, service station clerk/bookkeeper, Manager for office warehouse and storge units, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant for Fast Lane, Envirotech, Double D, Deputy Clerk and Senior Housing Administrator for the Town of Shoshoni  

Accomplishments: My Family. I was also involved in raising funds for and installed playground equipment for Shoshoni's Centennial Park. I've been a Girl Scout Leader and Service Unit Product Sales Coordinator for over 25 years.  

Community Involvement: Varies. Committees for the Shoshoni School District and Shoshoni Playground, Girl Scouts, Shoshoni Recreation Dist. volunteer for different projects.  

Family: Best Friend and partner, Rex. We are a blended family with 7 children and 13 grandchildren.  

Activities / Hobbies: Crafts, Reading, Rock Hunting, and Traveling.  

What brought you to Fremont County: Mover here in 1969 when my dad was working road construction.  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: To learn more about Fremont county, the people, and the history.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: To expand my network of people and businesses. Take what I've learned back to my job, community, and family. And to build upon my leadership skills.   Back to top

John Tompkins

Hometown: Cromwell, MN  

Education / Job History: Bachelors in Accountancy from the University of North Dakota. 5 years construction. 1 year as a Staff Accountant.  

Community Involvement: Just getting started in Riverton.  

Activities / Hobbies: Fishing, Snowboarding, Mountain biking.  

What brought you to Fremont County: Reddon, Koehn & Associates, CPS

Profession: Accountant  

Why participate in Leadership Fremont County: To gain a better grasp of the county that I work and live in.  

Goals / Expectations for this year in both LFC and personally: My expectations are to meet extraordinary people, visit great businesses, and develop as a leader in the community.  
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